We must do everything we can to stop the West Nile virus from spreading to others. A member of my family has been in the hospital since Aug. 20 receiving treated from this deadly virus that was caused by a mosquito.

We will never know the location of the mosquito attack, but the first place we look is in our own yard. I recently requested additional help from the Mosquito Control of Santa Rosa County. Mr. Keith Hussey granted my request and came to my home at Grand Pointe East, Gulf Breeze, and inspected my grounds.

Mr. Hussey went over my yard with a fine tooth comb. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson could not have done a better job. Several Mosquito hideouts were discovered and destroyed. In all my 87 years of life, I have never seen a more dedicated county employee.

Thanks to Mr. Hussey, my yard had a clean mosquito sweep down. The county is fortunate to have an employee such as Keith Hussey.

Noah Belew
Gulf Breeze, Fla.