At approximately 7 p.m., a multiple-vehicle accident was dispatched for the Blackwater River Bridge on Interstate 10. Currently, numerous fire department vehicles and EMS vehicles are on scene. 

Heard on the scanner, Lifeguard EMS Supervisor said no ambulances should be on the bridge due to the bridge icing over. He said his own 4-wheel-drive vehicle was sliding backwards and he was having trouble standing on foot.

One fire department member asked that the bridge be closed due to severe icing. 

One vehicle was reported to be on its side, the other jackknifed. One victim was extricated, another victim was run over by one of the crashed vehicles on scene.

An EMS paramedic having trouble getting one patient stabilized and on backboard due to freezing conditions.

Road conditions are continuing to deteriorate. 

Santa Rosa County  Emergency Management Officials are asking everyone to stay off the roads as there are dangerous conditions present throughout our county.

If you choose to drive you are endangering yourself, other citizens and public safety agencies.

Residents should be aware:

Response times for public safety agencies will be delayed due to the frigid weather conditions.  Not only do they have increased call volumes they must drive in the same deteriorated road conditions present throughout the county.  They must also use extreme caution on the scene as ground conditions can cause fall injuries to responders

There are ice laden tree limbs falling in roadways and hanging low enough to hit vehicles. Night driving will be very hazardous.

Road & Bridge crews are unable to respond to road issues in the northern portions of the county due to road conditions.  As soon as they can safely get on the roads they will be out placing barricades and sanding iced bridges.  For central and southern portions of the county the supervisor will make a determination if they will respond to issues.