Dear Editor:


All this talk about being nice and not being negative is nice.  What it is really about is stifling speech.  The new batch of left wing newspaper reporters is even farther left then the old batch.  They only believe in their own freedom of speech.  This is really about the left stopping the people that disagree with them on conservative matters.  No negative President Obama letters, no negative muslim letters.  It is about the left not having a argument for what they believe, so they stop everyone from disagreeing with them.  Talk nice people, is a way of do not say what we don't want you to say.

In World War 2 there were reporters who tried and stopped peoples negative comments about Germanys tyrant.  After the war we had the news media treat communist associated Russian Provda news agency as a legitimate news organization.  Today they treat the terrorist associated news agencies in the Middle East as legitimate. 


I believe some of the news reporters in this country would not hesitate to betray the American people to save themselves.  You would see these so called news reporters running around in turbans, and burqas, and happy to do so.


Joel Miller