Dear Editor,


The Duck Dynasty fiasco is just another segment in the weekly need for Americans to have some new red meat to chew on. You know America is hooked on any piece of new weekly controversy. Without the next piece of controversy where would the fodder be for weekly gossip shows, conservative right, politicians, preachers, or even nightly comedians. So, this week it was a GAY issue, not North Korea, or Kobe's remaining career, or the impact of 5 inches of snow on the northeast, or stores opening on Thanksgiving trying to destroy the last bastion of a 'family day', or the number signing up for Obama-care.

Gay issues always light up the gossip sky because they cross the "religious line." My opinion is that Gay issues should definitely be kept split between CHURCH issues and STATE issues.

The (Christian) CHURCH issues related to GAY issues are at least these:

1. right vs wrong

2. effect on salvation

3. who believes the Bible

The STATE issues related to GAY issues are at least these:

1. equal rights

2. discrimination

3. any needed law changes

If we try to confuse church and state issues then we just have fun debating:

1. Is America a Christian Country (certainly not)

2. Is Gay Marriage biblical (certainly not)

3. Should State dictate Church (certainly not) beliefs

I feel safe in saying: "Stay tuned in for the next episode".


Jim Moore