The effects of the cold weather snap were felt earlier this month as local businesses dealt with frozen pipes and busted water lines.

Both department stores Beall's and Beall's Outlet had frozen sprinkler pipes from outside sprinkler heads not being sufficiently protected from the freezing temperatures, says City of Milton Fire Chief John Reble.

He says the thawing of the sprinkler system activated the fire alarm.  The fire department was able to shut off outside piping keeping both fire sprinklers working. 
"Normally, provisions are made so systems will not have this issue," he says.  However, both sprinkler systems had some age and like the water main bursting, the extreme temperatures can cause damage.

Joe Cook, head of the utilities department at the City of Milton, says a main water line was compromised due to freezing temperatures just outside of the county administration building.  He says the blowout of the main pipe resulted in repairs involving cutting the line open.  In doing so, the flow was brought below 20 psi.  "Whenever that happens, and the line has been compromised, we have to issue a boil water notice," says Cook. 

He says the line and intersection of the line was old and the freeze caused further deterioration and the line burst.

The boil water notice caused restaurants and businesses some headaches but as Cook puts it, it's all about keeping people safe.

The boil water notice has expired.