The wind blows cold and we’ve seen the realities of bitter temperatures and frozen pipes in Santa Rosa County. While the county usually experiences what we consider a cold winter, this extreme within the beginnings of the season is not typical.  Like many, I don’t like to function without water or electricity, but the survivor within me will.  I grimace, but try to make the best of things.  When the power is off, I still switch on the light and turn the faucet for water when it’s not available just like everyone else.

Tuesday we experienced chaos within the center of Milton.  A main water line burst, causing water to cease around the county administration building; several businesses (including SRPG) had frozen pipes so there was no water to make coffee and we used gallons of water to flush the toilets.  My mother calls this “making do.”  So we 'make do' with what we have when times get rough or difficult and try not to complain. 

Cold temps are deadly in so many ways, especially when they aren’t typical.  Many of us are sick with the flu and currently, the newsroom is receiving reports of people in serious condition from the virus and death caused by the lethal germ.

If you know someone who doesn't have sufficient heat, offer assistance.  It is vital to take good care of yourself while suffering  the wrath of Old Man Winter; if you haven't received a flu vaccination, get one, eat well, wash your hands and face regularly, be active, stay hydrated, take your vitamins.  Studies show vitamin c and vitamin d are excellent in improving your immune system when it’s being attacked.

Before we know it, spring will arrive with new life.  Buds underground will rise up to bloom, the birds will sing and the trees will become a beautiful lime green again.  Farmers will be planting, neighbors will cut their grass, and cyclist will dust off their bikes and hit the trail.         

While suffering the cold, drink some hot cider, layer your clothing, stay under warm blankets when you can, watch classic romantic movies…or choot’em up movies…or a comedy or two. 

This is Florida.  Cold snaps only last for a short term.  But while it's here, stay healthy.