January 12, 2010 was a day unlike Haiti had ever seen. When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, generous donors responded immediately to provide lifesaving emergency relief to millions of Haitians and to begin the long and difficult process of rebuilding.

Today, four years later, we reflect on the road to recovery which has been made possible by the incredibly resilient spirit of the Haitian people and the commitment of volunteers and supporters like you.

Here are some of the ways donations given in response to the Haiti earthquake have been put to work:

•           665,000 people benefited from community health services

•           108,900 people reached through housing/neighborhood recovery

•           3.2 million people benefited from cholera prevention and outbreak response services

The work continues, and I wanted to make sure you have the latest update.

To learn more about the progress in Haiti over the past four years, please read our new report.

Thanks to generous donations, more than 4.4 million Haitians have received assistance from the American Red Cross since the earthquake.

Virtually all of the $486 million donated to the American Red Cross following the earthquake has been spent, committed or allocated to help meet the needs of people affected and to build their capacity to respond to future disasters.

It hasn’t been easy and with your support, we are still on the ground in Haiti. We are continuing to work alongside the Haitian government, the Haitian Red Cross, local authorities, community members, and local and international partners to create safer and more resilient communities in Haiti, as well as address risks to health and well-being in a holistic way.

None of this would be possible without the support of the Red Cross community. You have our deepest gratitude for the recovery efforts you’ve made possible.



David Meltzer

Chief International Officer

American Red Cross