A pump failure due to freezing temperatures last week caused 126 gallons of crude oil and water mix to release from a holding pit in Jay Thursday morning at the Quantum Resources Management Gas Plant.  The spillage went into a small creek which fed into the Escambia River.

According to Josh Wannarka, director of investor relations at Quantum Resources Management in Houston, Texas, upon immediate discovery, a response plan was activated and the spillage was contained. 

Florida Department of Environmental Protection External Affairs Manager Brandy Smith says at this point in time the waterway and soil have been cleaned up and the department is waiting on further reports.

Wannarka says the unprecedented cold snap led to pump failure in a holding pit which became inoperable due to frozen drainage lines.  He says the current equipment had proven successful in previous freeze events; however, Quantum is in the process of evaluating operations to address severe cold reliability.

"Our field staff is trained to handle these situations.  We immediately sought the support of additional outside services we had previously contracted for such a contingency.  We do not believe this situation presents a threat to the public or environment," says Wannarka.

Jay Mayor Kervin Qualls says the spill was cleaned up and did not have a direct adverse affect upon the community.  He says Quantum did a decent job with clean up.

"I believe the spill got into the river a bit but it wasn't bad.  This hasn't happened before," says Qualls.