A woman was found dead in her car in front of First Baptist Church in Milton early on Monday morning reports say.  The white Hyundai was parked in the southwest parking lot of the church and the engine was running. 

Officials say the woman, of Mississippi, was found in the back floor board on her left side. Upon approach, Milton Police say, she was unresponsive and seemed to be deceased.

Seven empty pill bottles of different types were found inside the car.

Milton Police say that on Saturday,  January 11, a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) notice was dispatched to Biloxi Police Department for Bordelon.  The BOLO  stated her description and the car's tag number along with a statement the victim made suicidal threats to her therapist and family on Friday but it was unknown as to how she planned to carry it out.  The report says the family discovered her cell phone was hitting off  of cellular towers in Milton.

The case will remain open pending results of the Medical Examiner's investigation.