The economy in the United States of America cannot ever be great. The economy can at best only be good as long as we do not have a strong manufacturing base, a strong manufacturing base means good wages for blue collar workers and when you have a high wage in the blue collar sector, the business in the surrounding areas, mom and pop businesses, restaurants, hardware stores, dress shops, home builders, sporting goods, and any other type of business you can think of. Small businesses prosper when manufacturing is in the area. Not to mention all the small suppliers that manufacture parts for the larger manufacturer, such as car seat manufacturers for car manufacturers.

If you make $20 an hour that is $800 a week and $40,000 a year. If there are 100 employees, that is $80,000 a week and over $4 million a year. Now at one time, America had many thousands of these companies in the 50s, 60s and 70s making this kind of money, but of course in those years, a dollar was worth a lot more. They made $5 to $12 an hour, and the buying power of a dollar was much more. Without this kind of work in the United States for blue collar workers, only the wealthy communities will prosper. The managers have destroyed the manufacturing sector in the USA. And until it is brought back to this country, our economy will never be great. Without these kind of wages being paid, the taxes taken in by the counties, cities and states are down, making it impossible to take care of the infrastructure in these areas. You will have a fluctuating economy, regularly up and down and not stable for long term. Small business is failing on a regular basis, these are businesses that would do well in the stable economy. A strong and vibrant economy as one presidential candidate says with all minimum wage jobs. What we need is less billionaires and more people making $40,000 or $50,000 a year. That is what will make a great economy.

And you wonder, why we are borrowing money from China, you can thank corporate managers. Communist China thanks corporate managers for the work. We have ward to pay for, but you wonít get any help from all of the billionaires, and people with hundreds of millions of dollars. You might think they would pay a war tax, well you have another thing coming. They only want tax cuts. I believe the blue collar class are the best people in America they have fought our wars and worked hard to make America great, and the corporate managers are some of the worst.

The corporate managers purposely have brought Americas standard of living down for blue collar workers.

Conservatives keep bringing up entitlements, that they should not have to pay taxes so you can have Social Security, (to help you in retirement) or so you can have Medicare. These are things everyone who worked, paid on many decades. Well, we now have the wealthy who think they have an entitlement to be President of the United States of America just because they are rich. Vote for me I am rich, and you are not, do what I tell you losers. (Remember what he said to his rich friends 47 percent of the blue collar workers are losers, and no you canít take that back) and when I am president, the first thing I will do is get rid of Social Security and Medicare. The wealthy do whatís best for them, not what is best for America.

Now the rich entitlement guy says he will repeal Obamacare, then will create a new plan for health care in America. Not that I do not believe that he will create the new health care plan. I say create his new health care plan first, before doing away with the old health care plan, so we can see which one is better. But one thing is still standing in his way, he must be president.

Good news on the welfare state, if we do not get a new President, his wife will not have to spend any of his $250 million on his wifeís medical care, she can use the presidents government paid medical care.

Joel Miller
Milton, Fla.