Saturday 12:44 p.m.


This is Roy from Pace.  I just read in an older edition of the SRPG Dec. 11 about a man that said he was the oldest living WWII veteran in SRC and he's 94. That's all well and good.  There is an older one who's name is Buford Plant. He's one year older, he's 95.  Mr. Lassiter's age is 94. It's only a year, but I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.  Thank you very much.


Saturday 5:11 p.m.


This is for the editor.  I know you have to watch what people say in the paper.  But we leave our names so where people can talk back and forth. If we can't do that...the speak out is the only reason I get the paper.  If you have to decide what we say and tell us what we gotta say ahead of time, I don't think we need the Speak Out column or the paper. Thank you.


Editorís note: Allow me to clarify. We are talking about hurtful comments targeting a specific person. Referring to another personís Speak Out comments is not a problem. It is the ones who have issues with a person and want to use the Speak Out line to publicly humiliate them or continually argue about the same issue, saying the same things repeatedly. Thank you for your comment and please keep calling in.


Saturday 8:39 pm


I just want to say about the young man from Gulf Breeze who killed his mother.  I see in the news he was by himself.  I just wonder whether or not he has family or friends or co-workers who can help him.  He's only seventeen. I know if he killed his mother it's very wrong.  Remember his age. He needs help.  If he has family, father, aunts, cousins, a close friend, case worker.  All of those people who come from another country who receives help.  We have one of our own who needs help.  I think, please share how we can help him.  Or if he can get help himself.  I know Sheriff Hall is very kind. Thank you, this is Maria in Milton.


Saturday 9:08 pm


This is Gary.  I just want to say thank you to the East Milton Fire Department and to the paramedics who came out to help my elderly neighbor who fell in her home and broke her hip. They were very kind and gentle and caring.  They were very professional,  the people who came out and took very good care of her.  They deserve a pat on the back.  Thank you.


Sunday 12:33 pm


I love hearing that Jesus is still performing miracles.  The one about the woman with the blood clot, I get chills.  Glad that someone is doing more for the animal shelter, I'm praying it will one day it will be a no kill facility.  Lynne, I love your articles.  Keep it up.  God Bless.



Monday 11:57 am


This is Maria from Milton.  So much pain for Gulf Breeze in a week.  So sad for these young people.  One in jail and the other one dead.  One in Mobile in jail, another one got in a wreck.  I think what happened to him, he fell to the side of the road because he didn't wear a belt.  Wear a belt always.  It's more help for you.  Have a nice, safe New Year.  God loves you.  He loves you always, no matter what.  It goes for the young man, too.  No matter what you did, He loves you.  Thank you.


Monday 1:27 pm


I'm reading Walter William's minority viewpoint in Saturday's paper.  In the article he talks about Social Security being a entitlement program.  Let me tell the world again, Social Security was paid in by most of the recipients and it was expanded by others.  SS, like everything else, has been abused.  It doesn't need to be mixed in with other entitlement programs