A Milton man arrested in Gulf Breeze is accused of fighting with officers all the way to jail, injuring two and continuing to be combative even after he was incarcerated, according to reports.

Just before midnight on New Year's Eve, Donald Steven Hammett, 25, man was arrested for becoming violent after being questioned by Gulf Breeze police, causing an officer to be cut and slapped.

The incident began when complaints were received about two men causing a disturbance inside McDonald's on Gulf Breeze Parkway about 11:20 p.m.

Reports state Hammett and another man, were sitting in a car outside of the restaurant when officers arrived.  Officers say Hammett was belligerent and began screaming obscenities about "not driving" while being questioned.  Officers reported he seemed intoxicated or on drugs. 

After questioning Hammett, Officer Debbi Lewis was struck in the chest and face with the back of Hammett's hand, while he held onto his sandwich.  When Hammett was told he was under arrest by a second police officer, Sgt. Mark Lyster, the man again grabbed Lyster's arm cutting his forearm with an unknown object, according to reports.

Police say Hammett was thrashing around and forcefully pulling away, making it difficult for the officers to take him into custody. 

One officer spotted a knife in the suspect's back pocket, reports say, so the officers took him to the ground to gain control. Hammett was kicking both feet to keep from being put into the police car, police say.

Once inside the car, Hammett continued to thrash and kicked the windows inside the vehicle in an attempt to break them out, according to reports.

Lyster advised the officer transporting to take Hammett straight to the Santa Rosa County Jail.

While crossing the Garcon Point Bridge, reports say Hammett continued resisting and kicking, causing the officer to call for back up twice and stop to restrain the suspect. Police say Hammett was tied with a belt around his legs but broke free. Officers say they placed the man in leg irons to prevent him from having leverage to kick out the windows of the car. 

At the jail, Hammett continued to be violent with booking deputies, reports note.  Once in his cell, Hammett rammed his face and head into the cell door and window while screaming obscenities. 

Police say while inventorying Hammett’s car for removal from McDonald’s property, numerous items were found in the vehicle. Included in those, a ¾ empty Crown Royal Bottle in the trunk, a long with an empty box of Fat Tire Ale, and empty bottle of Sam Adams.

Other alcohol items were located, along with what appeared to be Spice, several burnt marijuana cigarettes, a small plastic baggie with a white powdery substance that tested positive for meth, and an open orange and blue pill capsule of Vyvanse containing white powdery substance; and a silver pill container with a green residue inside.

Hammett was charged with battery, resisting an officer, damage property-criminal mischief, disorderly intoxication, dangerous drugs, two counts of drug possessions, marijuana possession and possession of drug equipment.  He was still being held on a $42,000 bond on Friday.