Dear Editor,


No thank you. We, the people of Santa Rosa County, do not want your one million dollar gift to us.

Thanks anyhow Mr. Byron Cotton for trying to give us 15 acres of land to build a new Court House on. It seems the Santa Rosa County Commissioners would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on property located close to where some of them already own commercial property.

The list of possible sights has been reduced to 4, however, only 3 of the Commissioners are voting, because 2 of them own property next to property being considered. Others could have interest by affiliation, not ownership. But that is speculation. When the decision was made to build the Courthouse within a certain area, Did Mr. Williamson and Mr. Lynchard forget they owned property in that area? But now they canít vote on it? How convenient.

I think the whole process is flawed, and should be reconsidered. East Milton is still the most practical location. Easy access from the South via Hwy 87, Ward Basin Rd, and Hwy 191.  Safer transporting prisoners one mile instead of 9 miles through heavy traffic. And one million dollarsí worth of free property.  Just saying.

Respectfully submitted,

William Wilson