Thursday 5:36 p.m.

This is Yvonne and I know this is the season for giving and receiving, and I have received the best gift of all today.  On the day after Christmas while shopping at Kmart here in Milton, I neglectfully left my purse in the cart outside.  Two people Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lincoln from Alabama, did find my purse and immediately called my husband.  I immediately went back and got my purse.  I would like to thank these people who gave of their time and caring.  Thank you.


Thursday  8:18 p.m.

This is Dennis.  Iím not a lawyer but it seems to me President Obama keeps illegally changing his legal Obamacare law.  If the President breaks the law the house or the senate or Supreme Court would step up to the plate and deal with it.  The president is supposed to take an oath to uphold the law.  Thank you.


Friday 12:55.p.m

This is John.  Driving on Highway 90 on Friday after Christmas man, these county flags US flags are pathetic looking.  There is one in Pea Ridge at the fire department is frayed. The one at the County Public Works is frayed. Hey, if you are going to fly the flag, fly it with pride. Get out there and fix them flags.  Thank you.

Friday  5:16 p.m.

I think about the young man from Gulf Breeze.  I donít think he killed his mother.  Because his parents were divorcing, I think he wasnít thinking right. I think someone else did it and another man must have been there.  He doesnít have faith.  His mother was trying to defend herself.  I donít think he wouldíve done that.  I think he is being set up. The police department must see this very carefully.  It is very sad for a young person to go through this.  His life was so big ahead of him.  God Bless them.  God Bless us all.  I hope they find him innocent.  This is Maria.


Saturday 10:34 a.m.

What a sad week and weekend before the new year for the people in Gulf Breeze and for the man who was facing the police.  They should shoot him the in the leg and warn him. They kill him because he was driving too fast or too slow.  I donít think he was a threat to the police.  He didnít have no gun.   I donít understand why the killing is so important.  The police need to try to train. We need to warn when they have nothing to shoot back.  We are losing too many young people. Maybe God can help them to put themselves back together.  This is Maria