There are five roosters hanging out at the Texas Roadhouse.  Tough, urban roosters with an attitude. 

Rebel roosters have an interesting perspective on life; they're like protective brothers who stand their ground when one  of their kind is challenged.  Like the rebel's switchblade, their spurs are sharp and at the ready; they wield them with Chuck Norris-like precision and speed.

Harry the barred rock, the leader of the flock has a price on his cone.  He's in control and he knows how to crow. The others are cockerels in comparison to big Harry.  He rose to the position of leader the hard way, spurring his way to the top.  His cone is mangled, and scarred; evidence of challengers come and gone. 

Harry once had a fine flock of females who longed for his leadership and protection but his lust for independence called the low and dirty of Texas Roadhouse.  The yard bugs, the scraps, the dangers of the traffic and parking lot called to him and his loyal following of brotherhood.

Harry and his crew can take down a red tailed hawk in no time and tango with a coyote head on.  Be on alert when confronting this gang upon your visit to the Roadhouse; you've just crossed over into their territory. They're tough, cool and roosters without a coop.