Recently, I met a group of people who meet regularly on Saturday mornings at a local coffee shop to discuss the current events of our fair country.  They gather together and talk about the current administration, policies, laws, and the rising national debt amongst other issues, sharing their perspectives on how to move toward a proactive change.  They call the meeting Constitution and Coffee and anyone can come and join in the discussion.

Last week, I attended the local delegation meeting and to my surprise, I recognized the names of three men of whom I met at the coffee shop on the agenda to speak to the delegates. They each spoke eloquently about a practical avenue to change the current situation within our country, which they refer to as Article V in the Constitution.  They also made reference to the Federalist Papers.

Without going into the nuts and bolts of Article V, I must say I am very proud of their efforts towards making a change in the country.  It is one thing to complain about the circumstances in life, but it's another to come forward and do your best to make a change.

These men may be biting off more than they can chew, however, at least they are sinking their teeth into the Constitution and saying they want to "get back to the way the government was intended to be:  by the people and for the people."

These men and those they represent, being proactive with their time and efforts, are producers.  It takes a fair amount of courage to stand up for what you believe, and take a position regardless of the opposition.

My hat is off, fellows.  You are patriots.