Over the years, the University of West Florida theater department has become known for its adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”. A script and design created for UWF and UWF only. UWF lends a hand in getting Pensacola locals back into the Christmas spirit year after year.

What makes this play stand out the most would have to be the infamous rotating columns that make up a good portion of the set design. Throughout the play, three columns are moved about the stage to create different settings. They not only move, but move in sync spinning together to create a treat for the eyes. All while you are serenaded by UWF’s fine singing quartet.

The adaptation of the play brings a level of comedy that most Christmas Carol productions do not ever achieve. However, the play also finds a way to tug at your heartstrings and connect you with the performers on stage.

The play runs about seventy minutes with no intermission. This makes it an easy event to attend with small child or family. It’s a quick paced play that finds a way not to rush. Partly thanks to the rotating columns mentioned above that make for quick set changes.

This year, Pace High School grad Henry Houghton makes an appearance in the play. He plays the ghost of future as well as dancer in the party scene of play. Houghton was in band Pace High School and played French horn as well as trumpet. He is not a theater major at UWF but somehow made his way to the stage. “Being the Ghost of future has it perks, I mean I get to be a foot and half taller than anyone on stage”.

If you or your families are struggling to find that Christmas spirit this year, then UWF’s A Christmas Carol may be just the dose of Christmas Cheer you need to find it.

Ticket Prices are adults-$16; children-$10; senior/military-$12 and times are Friday,  December 13 and Saturday, December 14 at 8 p.m. On Sunday,  December 15, 2:30 p.m.