Target is less than a week away from expanding its store in Pace to include a grocery section.

The expansion is part of a nationwide effort to get Target stores to push grocery items and making the store a one-stop shop for their customers.

Target Corp. announced in July that they were in the process of remodeling 30 general merchandise stores in the U.S.

Target stores like Pace are part of the last of three cycles of remodels this year spanning from Cincinnati, Ohio to Jacksonville, Fla. on to Nashville, Tenn. The Target in Pace opened in July 2007.

When Target opens their expanded grocery section on Oct. 11, customers will be able to find a larger frozen food section and more aisles of food filled with national brands.

Customers can also expect to find general merchandise sections that make it easier for a customer to find what they are looking for.

Over 1,100 Target stores currently offer an expanded food section, like the one expected to open on Oct. 11 in Pace.

The remodel at the local Target store will put in 10,000 additional sq. feet of space dedicated to fresh food choices including produce,
fresh packaged meat and pre-packaged baked goods. All of that in addition to an expanded frozen food section.

Some locals like Dahlia Sanchez said she was happy to see the expansion coming to her local store.

"I am super excited," Sanchez said. "I love Target, and them having groceries just made it that much better."

Annette Miller, senior vice president of grocery for Target said the expansions are part of Target's way of making shopping more convenient for its customers.

“By remodeling our stores and expanding the grocery selection, we’re able to bring an even more convenient shopping experience to Target’s guests,” Miller said. “Just in time for the busy holiday season, these newly remodeled stores will offer a one-stop shop for all
shopping needs, including fresh foods.”

Ruth Lichtenwalner, another local shopper said the expansion is a good thing, especially for the area.

"Target has good deals that they don't always advertise," Lichtenwalner said. "I think that most people shop in all the different grocery stores and love the competition for better prices.

"Each store in our area is beneficial to our lives and community."

In addition to the expanded grocery aisles, the Pace Target will also have a remodeled general merchandise section to further enhance the shopping experience for guests.

For example, the home department will offer easier navigation with wider aisles and lower product displays for convenience. The shoe department will also have additional mirrors and seating for comfort.

Target operates more than 1,700 stores nationwide, and plans to open a Target Store in Canada in 2013.