In this un-united country of blame and shame, most folks tend to go more toward blame with no shame.  There has been more blame put on our, nor president, then on any other ever in office. 

And the white Americans who are blaming won’t admit that they just right out hate the ideal that he’s a black leader.  They just hate it.

No other country hates him as his own, and refuse to believe that a lot of what is happening was already in place before her came into office. And if his white congress hate him and his countrymen, what can he get done?

Why do white Americans bring up “911” every year, and run off at the pit saying “we’ll never forget”?  Well what about all the killings the haters of this messed up country has done in others?  Would other countries not forget?

And check this out. Which is worse: a Muslim, or a KKK?  Which is worse: a Muslim or a skin head, a professed Christian who hates, or a Muslim, white American’s who hate just because they can, or a Muslim.  It seems very evil, how that this country hates more than any other country. Because this country does more killing in other countries that any other.

The haters of this country has made a mockery of the “constitution” their white fore fathers written, freedom is not just for white men. 

Every person in the middle East is a human. Right to bear arms.  If it were not for guns, it couldn’t be wars.  Maybe, but not a lot of killings even in this country. 

Children killing children. Enough already.  White collar, white Americans, stealing millions and getting a pat on the back. But the justice failed system will lock away young black men for life because of drugs. And all the while, white men brings it into the country.  Yes, they don’t hav-ta sell it, but look around even in this town and the ones here and far.

There is still yet a stigma in this country.  White Americans still wants to control and won’t admit their hate.  And still yet refuse “unity”, and for that cause, I give this, to a country who is on its way out with God.

Unity has to come from all men, women and children who are not in denial of it.

Raymond Johns

Milton, Fla.