A renter armed himself with a shotgun and refused to leave when an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy with the Civil Process Unit went to his Crestview residence to serve papers Monday afternoon.

57-year old DeWayne Moore of 395 Booker Street is now charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, a second degree felony.

The deputies went to that address to serve Moore, a renter, a “Writ of Possession” for eviction.

After no one responded to numerous knocks on the locked front and back doors, a locksmith was called to open the back door. It was found to have been barricaded with household appliances.

The deputy then spotted a man who entered a bedroom and kept saying “This is my house”.

When the deputy went to the doorway of the bedroom, the man had a shotgun on his shoulder and pointed in the deputy’s direction.

The deputy left out the front door, which had also been barricaded.

The Crestview Police Department arrived to assist and after a more than two hour stand-off, Moore was taken into custody.

Deputies transported Moore to the Okaloosa County Jail.

The property at 395 Booker Street, in the Crestview City limits, was turned over to its owner.