The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognized Naval Air Station Whiting Field’s water supply facilities with an award for their “outstanding” water systems and programs, Oct. 15.

NAS Whiting Field was named the best “Small Community Water System” for FDEP’s Northwest District for the second consecutive year.  The base finished first out of more than 100 eligible locations.

The award is a tribute to the Public Works Department which oversees the water supply and treatment facilities locally.  Public Works is managed from Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast out of Jacksonville, Fla.  Much of the water distribution system used at the base today is still from the original water production facility put in place in 1943.  A great deal of care and attention helps keep the system operating at peak efficiency.

“Our team at the Public Works Department is excited to win the award from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,” said Reggie Parker, the Utilities Manager for the base.  “This highlights the attention to detail and dedication of our staff as well as the professional expertise of our base contractors.”

The program evaluated the quality of the water produced, sampling procedures, maintenance procedures, emergency plans, record keeping, and more.  The package submitted to the review board, showed how NAS Whiting Field’s water management team maintained a system that consistently produced high quality water, sampled the water for contaminants far more regularly than required, and performed more maintenance than state law regulates. 

“We continuously strive to follow all regulations while maintaining the highest quality services to those who live and serve on base,” stated Parker. “It is essential that we maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone.”


(Photo: Naval Air Station Whiting Field Commanding Officer Capt. Matthew Coughlin congratulates Eddie Wright, Wendell Cooley, and Steven Parks after receiving the letter announcing that the base earned recognition from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the installation's water quality.  The three technicians were instrumental in operating and maintaining the water distribution system which is still in place from the base's commissioning in 1943.)