Wallace Baptist Church, located at 6601 Chumuckla Hwy., will hold their annual G. L. O. W. FEST,October 31.  The time will be 5:30 thru 7:30 p.m. All children and their parents are cordially invited. 

This event is an alterative of having our children out on the highways during the busy night. There will be FREE FOOD and FREE FUN. Each year the men grill hotdogs and the women serve the trimmings. Coffee cocoa, and drinks will be served. One of the highlights will be the "CHILI COOK OFF." The men of the church come up with talent, talent, and good chili. The BESTCHILI is chosen, and therefore the man has braggin" rights for the fest.

Not to be outdone, the ladies of the church have the cake walk! more old-fashioned "delicious" talent! There will be games for the children, inflatables and lots and lots of candy. The event is called  G. L. O. W. FEST or GOD LIGHTS OUR WORLD! The pastor, Bro. Andy Martin and the people of Wallace extend an invitation to all in the community for an evening of FREE FOOD and FREE FUN.