A Jay man was sentenced to 30 days in jail by a Santa Rosa County judge after being found guilty of his fourth DUI and second DWLS offense, according to the Clerk of Court's records.

Charles David Morris, 41, of 5139 Blackmon Drive, was booked into the Santa Rosa County jail last week to serve the sentence. He pled no contest to the charges against him in court.

The court ordered Morris to report to probation for 36 months and issued $3,196 in fines and court costs. Special conditions of the sentence require the 41-year-old man to repeat DUI school and to install an ignition interlock device for two years when he becomes eligible for a driver's license. His vehicle will be impounded for 90 days.

Morris was given credit for five days already served in jail and an additional five days earned by working in the jail through a state, gain time program. He will serve the remaining 20 days in county jail, with a scheduled release date of November 11.

Morris has an existing open container charge against him in July of 2012, where he was the driver of the vehicle. He refused a breath test in a 2009 DUI case. Morris also had a DUI in Santa Rosa County in 2001 and his first in 1993.