"The end justifies the means" is a phrase often used through out history by democrats. What that phrase means is no action is out of bounds to achieve the wanted result. These same people believe in the socialist agenda.

To knowingly pass a bad law - Obamacare - which collapses health care thus creating a avenue to socialized health care or in other words "Government controlled health care" or in democrats words "a one payer system" is the intended result. A law which adds to the national debt is also the intended result.

A law which changes the standard 40 hour work week to less than 30 hours a week in the private sector, yet Obamacare will not effect the Federal 40 hr. work week, causing more of the population to have to relay on government entitlements to feed their families which adds to the national debt.

To increase the Federal (totally rely on government) work force (16,000 IRS agents, don't know how many Obamacare navigators) and hiring I.T. contractors ($97 million contract) which ended up costing 600% more at $624 million for a web site that doesn't work adds to the national debt or subtracts from monies available for actual health care. A democrat controlled government which has averaged adding $1.3 Trillion each year to the national debt since Barack Obama and the democrats sweep of the 2008 elections. No yearly budget since democrats lost control of the House of Representatives (2010), $85 billion of printed money monthly, $1.02 trillion yearly (Quantitative Easing = devaluing the dollar = doesn't reflect on debt or budget) to buy back government bonds, which is propping up the stock market gains (people who have money make money at the expense of the country) all intended as a means to an end.

     So what is the end game? A Barack Obama, democrat socialist government take over. If the House of Representatives fail to raise the debt limit this may enable Barack to order the treasury to pay the debt interest (good, avoids default) and bypass Congress on future spending (bad, a blank spending check) or Barack decides to default (bad) on the debt by instructing treasury not to pay the interest on the debt and blaming it all on republicans. All the scenarios are bad and the continued debt spending just pushes America closer to a economic and government collapse. When (not if) this collapse happens government will no longer be able to provide for the truly poor or disabled. The people (amazingly more able bodied than ever) who lose their undeserved government entitlements will rise up and America will see riots, violence, looting, theft and killings it has never seen before in history.

     The scariest thing is that people like Ayo Kimathi (War on the Horizon website, ammunition and weapons purchasing agent for DHS) being employed by Dept. of Homeland Security and the fact that DHS is purchasing so many weapons and ammunition over the last year and a half that there are shortages across the nation of certain caliber ammunition. Why does DHS need these kind of quantities of ammunition? If you can't answer that question start at the top and reread article as needed!

     I also would like to mention what has happened to the news coverage regarding the shooting death of Miriam Carey at the White House by White House Police. An African-American woman with a infant in the vehicle and no weapon other than her vehicle. I see police in many high speed pursuits which end without lose of life much less being gun down. They could shoot her but not her tires. Where is the African-American outrage at the capital grounds? Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan? Where is the Black Congressional Caucus leaders who spoke out with all the televised racial insults and slurs used in the Trayvon Martin case?

Where is Barack Obama  - weighing in - that could have been his oldest daughter, where is he now?

Oh, White House police protecting them that makes it a justified shooting!