A Milton couple was arrested last week for numerous drug charges, including trafficking methamphetamine, possession of drugs and paraphernalia, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

Bert and Christen Gilmore were arrested after a narcotics unit attempted to make contact at their residence in the 6800 block of Dixon Street in Milton. A note was on the front door, saying to use the side door.

While the narcotics unit went around to the side door, they observed the remnants of a methamphetamine lab near the back of the residence.

Bert walked up the street, finding the narcotics unit at the house. He told authorities that he and his wife lived there. Bert was taken into custody. Authorities searched the man and found a small bag containing suspected methamphetamine. It was tested in the field, which yielded a positive result.

A search of the purchase history showed the husband and wife attempted to purchase 32 pseudoephedrine boxes in 2013. Pseudoephedrine is a controlled substance and a main ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Bert was booked into the Santa Rosa County jail and given a $71,000 bond. He is charged with two counts of drug possession, two counts of drug equipment possession, marijuana possession, and trafficking methamphetamine.

Christen was arrested two days later and given a $47,000 bond. She was charged with marijuana possession, drug possession, two counts of drug equipment possession and trafficking methamphetamine.