A Pace woman landed a night in jail after an argument escalated into a physical altercation, and she took out frustrations on EMS and deputies, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

Emma Mae Stacy became involved in an argument Monday afternoon, according to deputies who say she was yelling at the victim, snatching a cell phone from the person. The victim attempted to restrain the 37-year-old female, but she kept pushing physically and being combative, according to reports.

A witness to the altercation called 911 at that point. Stacy ran out of a back door of the residence when she heard the authorities had been contacted.

Deputies arrived and attempted to speak to Stacy, but she was uncooperative. Stacy was intoxicated, according to the report, and pulled away from paramedics on scene, who were attempting to treat her.

The victims told authorities they were fearful of Stacy's actions.

Stacy also pushed away from the responding deputy's patrol car. After she was taken into custody, Stacy attempted to kick and spit on the deputy from the back of a patrol car, report note. She was charged with two counts of battery and one count of resisting with violence. Stacy was given no bond.