Friday --- 7:58 a.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. I don't know what time shift change is for the deputies in Santa Rosa County, but it's 7:58 a.m. right now. I just met four of them turning in to go to the Sheriff's office. One of them passed me in the fog with no light on, nothing. Not even his taillights showing. I was doing 60. He passed me, had to be doing at least 70. And when he got to the 55, he didn't slow down. I guess they've got to get in there for the shift change. That'd be great if they cut us some slack every once and a while, too.


Friday --- 8:03 a.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby, again. I just heard them talking on the radio about the big controversy over the name of the Washington Redskins. To start with, I'm an American Indian and it don't offend me. But, if they want to change it and not change it too much, they can call it the rednecks. I'm also a redneck and that don't bother me, either. Thank you.


Friday --- 9:14 a.m.

This is Jim in Milton. Letter to the editor from the Wednesday, government has tunnel vision written by Stephen King. He not only hit the nail on the head, he hit a whole bunch of nails on the head. He did a wonderful job. Thank you, Stephen.


Friday --- 9:16 a.m.

This is Bobby again. I know I'm probably calling too much, but I've got a question this time. If you're going on Highway 90, going west, and you want to turn on to Highway 89 by the Walgreens, they got a turn lane. Shouldn't you wait to get in the turn lane until you get past the driveway to Walgreens. To me, it's just like you turn your turn signal on three driveways before you're going to turn.

It confuses people. Several times I've been going there and I try to wait to get over and some people get over as soon as they see the turn lane. They'll come up flying up beside you and you can't hardly get over then.

I don't think you should get in there first, unless you're going to turn into Walgreens. I'd like an answer to that, thank you.


Saturday --- 6:40 a.m.

Yes, this is so sad. The young man that die in Georgia, here in the United States. He wasn't ready. A black young man, beautiful looking and a great person from what I hear through the parents. The thing is that the young man was found dead in the gym of a school, 17 years old.

I don't know what's happening in this country. It's horrible. We have to make sure our children are safe when they go to school. This young man was dead inside a rug. The thing is, his organ was missing. His heart, his liver. Everything was missing from inside. Everything was missing. They didn't know that until they decided to exhume the body an autopsy.

I think the FBI needs to come in this case because the school is not doing a thing about it. And they didn't want to give and information. They even had cameras to prove. But before that happened, they didn't want to give any information. The school should be closed. And everyone working there should be fired. No more job for them.


Obama should do something like that to them. Thank you, this is Maria in Milton.


Sunday --- 8:42 a.m.

Yes, I would like to speak on this government shutdown. We should all be so ashamed of our congress top to bottom for the last 40 years. They have created this mess themselves that has nothing to do with the citizens, except they have learned to take form those that who work and produce.

There are truly needy people in this world, in the United States, that need to be taken care of. But they have learned to take, generation after generation and never work or have provided one penny in taxes. Our elected officials have allowed this to happen and used it for political gain is a disgrace. We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

I say hang in there Republicans. I will never vote for another Republican or Democrat.bMy budget will not allow me to spend endlessly and neither should the government be able to.


Sunday --- 11:52 a.m.

W. O. Jones, Jay. Want to know why the country is bankrupt, as far as I'm concerned, completely bankrupt beyond repair? A clear example is in Pace, just above Highway 90, Spencer Field. Recently, they put a short fence, for some reason, all the way around all four miles of that.

A fence post, approximately, $1,056 expensive fence post. $21,120 expensive fence wire. $42,240 barb wire, two strands. And now these idiots, whoever did that, are going to put a sidewalk around the whole thing. It's complete on the west side. The holes are dug to put the concrete in on the south side and the east side. I assume they going get the other side, but at this point, 15,840 feet of sidewalk.

Now tell me, I go that way all the time. I have never seen a single soul walking down any one of the three sides. But they're going to have the sidewalks on probably four. So maybe the Press Gazette will make a few phone calls, find out who suggested this and who approved it, especially a politician, which I assume it is, and why. It's a simple question why.

You can probably take that and multiply it by a thousand, maybe 10,000, maybe a million times around the country and that's the reason we're in the shape we're in. So, find out who did it Press Gazette, we'd appreciate knowing, thank you.


Sunday --- 6:20 p.m.

Hey, this is Dennis. How would you destroy a county from within?

One, divide the people. Two, destroy the economy. Three, try to destroy Christian moral values. Four, control the media and pump out hate and lies to marginalize a part of the population. Five, control the school system and indoctrinate the minds of the youth. Six, control Hollywood and pump out a bunch of filthy garbage.

Can you think of other possible ways to bring down a nation from within?