The Veteran's Memorial Plaza in downtown Milton has been struck by several bouts of theft and acts of vandalism recently, according to the Memorial Manager Ralph Nesenson.

Several light fixtures went missing over the weekend. Five, in total were dismantled and taken from the site, dedicated to veterans. Two of the lights were under water, located in a fountain on the property. The other lights lit up the Wall of Tears and the Purple Heart Monument.

Nesenson said the plaza has had an ongoing issue with theft and vandalism.

During the July 4th weekend, a Gator utility vehicle, estimated at $8,000, was stolen from the Memorial Plaza offices, located behind the courthouse. The manager said an investigation has not yielded any arrests.

Just prior to the light fixture theft, one of two concrete ashtrays was taken from the site. The other concrete ashtray was found in the middle of a walkway. The incident happened in broad daylight, according to Nesenson.

The plaza was pressure washed last week after graffiti was found. Nesenson said it looked as if someone took rocks from the site and used them to write their names on bricks. There was also residue smeared all over the marble slabs, appearing to have come from an oil-based object.

Milton Police responded to the complaint of criminal mischief after the light fixtures went missing. They are investigating the incident.