Thursday --- 10:23 a.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. From listening to all the debate, back and forth about the government shutdown, basically everything since Obama's been in office. We don't need but one democrat up there. They all say exactly the same thing.

So, to save some money, all the democratic senators and congressman could just stay home and quit flying back and forth and just let the president vote for them.

That'd save a ton of money in a year's time. Cause they going to vote exactly how he says anyway. If he changes his mind, they change their mind. Why have a bunch of different people voting? Thank you.


Friday --- 9:57 a.m.

Yes, this is Maria in Milton. I just say what's happening with the government is uncalled for. There's a lot of innocent people that won't see a paycheck this week. I think the speaker of the house should resign. And other people get mixed up in this just trying to make the president look bad.

I think it's time, the speaker should retire. What happened yesterday in Washington, D.C., it should never happen. I blame the speaker of the house for closing these places.

Closing the Statue of Liberty in new York. The most beautiful symbol America has for liberty. You don't care. You never care about your own country. Yeah, damage your own country. Go somewhere else, like Somalia. Maybe they like you better. Thank you.


Friday --- 3:52 p.m.

Good afternoon. I want to talk about calendars. I've got enough calendars, probably 15. I could cover a wall in my house each year. And they have pretty pictures that I'm getting from all these different organization.

So, if you're like me, take those extra calendars to a nursing home---Sandy Ridge or the rehab center on Broad Street. The residents there enjoy those calendars, their pretty pictures on them. And they like them to hang up on the wall in their room.

Every month, they get to see a different picture. So, if you have extra calendars, donate them. There's probably others, but give them to somebody like that, that can use them for their pretty pictures. Thank you.


Saturday --- 1:07 p.m.

Yeah, this is Tim. I'm glad they cut those palm trees down along Highway 90. It's hard to get into Hall's, or the bank, or the Radio Shack. Bye.


Saturday --- 2:17 p.m.

Hi, this is Holly, thanks for letting me Speak Out. I agree with Sundae Matteson about the waste of time and money and someone should be fired immediately about the palm tree removal.

The palm trees were old and beautiful and not really hard to move. You can cut the roots and it doesn't hurt them. They don't sprout back from the roots, they sprout back from the trunk.

We want to promote tourism here and that's not a good way of doing it---cutting down all the palm trees going right down the middle of the road. Somebody should be fired immediately. Bye.


Saturday --- 7:41 p.m.

This is Bonnie. I think it's totally outrageous they cut those palm trees down.

Anybody that does any kind of gardening or anything at all with plants, flowers and trees, know that palm trees only have a ball for a thatch of roots. They do not have long flowing roots.

Whoever cut these trees down could have taken a tractor and put a harness around and pulled the trees out if that's what they wanted to do and turn around and resell them or give them to someone that needed them. This is totally uncalled for of the people that cut these palm trees down and it has messed up our medians. I don't care if they put down roses, or whatever they're going to put in there. That's nothing compared to the beautiful palm trees that were growing there.


Sunday --- 1:58 p.m.

Yes, I just read someone's Speak Out about we would be surprised what's in this common core curriculum that we keep hearing about.

I can tell you that in the fourth grade book, one part tells how the government is your family. So, the lesson is teaching how the government becomes your family. And I think this community does not that kind of teaching.

This is called state standards, but it's all coming down from the federal government and the state writes the test. This is that common core. I don't think we want it. And I think the community ought to get involved. Thank you.