Wow, that was a little scary.

I watched an NFL play on TV and it was followed almost immediately by verbal incredulation in 32 NFL cities. Then it seemed to quickly spread to the entire American football spectator world.

I saw the replay over and over again on almost every kind of television channel, sports channels, network channels, talk shows, late night television. It was the topic of conversation in almost every restaurant and store I found myself in.

Anger and disbelief filled the streets, even pedestrians had an opinion for network television people. A real feeling of 'We can not tolerate this for long' was happening. It sounded like something drastic had to be done to prevent these 'replacement refs' from deciding the fate of the professional football season.

Sure enough, just days after this intolerable incident had occurred, new negotiations were immediately called and an incredible breakthrough has occurred.

The country seems to be settling down quickly. I sense an overall American 'sigh of relief' as this apparently critical American injustice is resolved.

I almost felt a déjà vu of my scary feelings, from the week before. These were triggered by an incident that had occurred in the Islamic world, where they had watched something on their media, which was of religious incredulity.

The Islamic reaction was a lot more immediately physically violent in the affected countries and 24 or so Middle East cities.

So, you can see that this watching the media and 'reacting in mass' is a worldwide phenomenon. You just never know what subject matter will trigger such strong reactions.

Then it dawned on me that the time of the 'Replacement Christ' is probably just around the corner...maybe within the next few years.

Wouldn't it be nice if it was that obvious to Americans, when the 'Replacement Christ' just doesn't measure up to the 'Real Christ'. All Bible believers should recognize the difference immediately of course and rise to the occasion to get everyone on the right track to salvation and eternal life.

Jim Moore
Pace, Fla.