Childrens Home Society of Florida reminds parents the importance of providing a safe environment for their baby. Children's Home Society of Florida provides services to families to help their children reach their full potential.  Below are tips to guide parents when it comes to caring for their baby. For full descriptions of the baby tips, visit


1.)    Provide your baby with a safe sleep environment.1,2

  Your baby should always sleep alone and on his back in a crib/bassinet/Pack n Play with a firm mattress.

2.)    Safely calm your crying baby.3

  Never shake your baby if youre frustrated with continued crying. To soothe your baby, offer a pacifier, hold your baby against your chest, or walk or rock your baby.

3.)    Provide a safe ride for your baby. 1

  Always place your baby in a rear-facing car seat in a back seat of your car until your baby is at least 1 year old and 20 lbs.

4.)    Prevent fall injuries. 1, 4

  Never leave your baby unattended. Cover sharp furniture corners with padding, use safety gates to block access to stairs and avoid using mobile baby walkers.

5.)    Prevent burns. 1, 5

  Before placing your baby in the bathtub, check the water with your wrist or elbow to make sure its not too hot. The water from your faucet should not exceed 120 F.

  Prepare baby bottles in warm water, not the microwave. Do a taste test before feeding your baby.

6.)    Prevent choking. 1

  Never leave small objects within reach of your baby.

  Never give hard pieces of foods, such as apples, to your baby.

7.)    Keep your baby safe in water. 1, 6

  Do not, even for a moment, leave your child alone or under sibling supervision in the bathtub.

8.)    Track your babys developmental growth.7

  Ask your pediatrician for developmental milestones checklist. If you feel your baby is facing developmental delays consult your pediatrician.


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