Each month the Boys and Girls Club staff picks a club member for their Youth of the Month based on outstanding behavior at the Club; academic achievement; and service to the club and their community. This month Aiden Gallant has been chosen.  He is eight years old and is a 3rd grade student at East Milton Elementary School.

Aiden has had opportunities to say his speech in front of board members and other club events. This is his speech:

My name is Aiden Gallant. I am 8 years old and  Im in the 3rd grade. I am the Youth of the Month for September. It has been great being Youth of the Month because I get VIP treatment, like being first in line, having my picture posted up and I get to go to the Day for Kids event this Saturday. In my opinion, you should make the Club better by adding more stuff like exercise equipment and more Staff like Mr. Mix. Thank you!