A former Bagdad couple was arrested and charged after stealing more than $30,000 dollars, leaving an elderly woman in the dark, without electricity, groceries and overdue bills, according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff's report.

Mark Hall, 41, and his girlfriend Jennifer Kaplan, 43, were arrested in French Lick, Ind. after authorities looked into a complaint, launching allegations of fraud and exploitation of Hall's mother.

According to the report, Hall, a registered nurse working at a local hospital, moved in with his mother in 2011 on special terms. He and his girlfriend were allowed to live rent-free at the home in the 4100 block of Buford Lane, provided he would take care of his mother's duties, such as paying the bills and providing further care.

A series of checks were allegedly written and withdrawals were made, totaling up to $34,250.14 without the elderly woman's consent. The report says the total could be higher, and was based on information provided to the Sheriff's Office.

In April of this year, Hall and his girlfriend abruptly moved to Indiana. Hall left a note, but his legally blind mother could not read it. A neighbor read the note to the woman, which stated Hall got a job out of state and would send money. The victim was left without power, groceries and medication and behind on payments.

In the report, the complaint said this was not the first time the incident happened. The similar situation allegedly occurred in 2010, when Hall abruptly left his mother without necessities and behind in bills. The complainant said it was not reported to police by the elderly woman's request, after the situation was rectified. 

Hall and Kaplan were arrested by Indiana authorities and were extricated to the Santa Rosa County jail, each holding a $70,000 bond. Both of them face four charges, two counts of larceny and two counts of crimes against a person for alleged neglect of a disabled person and the exploitation of elderly.