A Jay woman was arrested for allegedly hiding Travis Kelly, the 32-year-old man charged with DUI manslaughter in the August death of a Milton woman, when a special operations unit served a warrant for Kelly's arrest, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

Sarah Krick, 26, of the 13,000 block of Chumuckla Highway, opened the door when authorities knocked, looking for Kelly. Krick allegedly stepped outside and told authorities he left earlier in the day and was not at the residence. Authorities smelled the odor of marijuana on the woman, according to the report.

Krick told investigators they could come in to see if he was there, but reiterated that Kelly was not there. As the authorities entered the residence, Kelly emerged out of a bedroom, surrendering himself to deputies, according to the report.

Kelly told authorities he did not tell her to lie and did not know why she did, reports say.

The inside of the residence appeared to be in total disarray, reports say. There were open containers of food and plates with food sitting on the stove.

Deputies found a plastic tub with what appeared to be marijuana in it, according to the report. There was a "smoking device" next to the tub. Deputies mentioned the faint smell of burnt marijuana in the air.

The report states there were extension cords wired into the home's electrical circuit. Deputies were uncertain where power for the residence was coming from, mentioning that it could have been coming from an adjacent residence.

Authorities said Krick created an "extremely dangerous situation by attempting to hide a wanted fugitive and allegedly smoking marijuana with a child present.”

Krick was charged with child neglect, obstruction of justice, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was booked into the Santa Rosa County jail and given a $2,000 bond. She has since been released from jail. DCF was notified by the Sheriff’s Office about the conditions of the home and the alleged actions of Krick.