An out-of-state woman allegedly managed to slip out of her handcuffs twice and beat on the windows of a patrol car after an alleged alcohol-fueled, physical altercation with Santa Rosa deputies prompted her arrest, according to Sheriff's reports.

Deputies say they arrived at the Emerald Sands Inn in Milton, investigating reports of an alleged family disturbance that was called into the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office. They met with 33-year-old Sarah Caldwell.

Caldwell smelled of alcohol, according to the report. She told deputies she and her boyfriend had been drinking in a room and they got into an argument. She said her boyfriend wasn't going to let her leave the room, so she went downstairs and called authorities.

Backup arrived - a deputy and a deputy sheriff trainee - to assist in resolving the issue. The deputies and Caldwell went back to the room to talk with the boyfriend.

Caldwell's partner told authorities they just arrived from Oregon and didn't know anyone in the area. He said they had been drinking, but his girlfriend wasn't handling the alcohol well. In an effort to keep her safe, he told authorities he tried to stop her from leaving the room. She allegedly kept talking to strangers and wandering around the parking lot. When Caldwell wouldn't return to the room, the boyfriend went back to watch kids in the room, according to the report.

While Caldwell's boyfriend was talking to authorities, Caldwell interrupted several times by yelling and cursing, according to the report. A deputy told her she had to calm down. Reports indicate she tried to enter the room, but was ordered to stop.

One of the deputies grabbed her wrist, according to the report. She was told she needed to sober up and get some sleep. Caldwell allegedly became "very angry," claiming the deputies were siding with her boyfriend. The 33-year-old started yelling and cursing at the deputies and trainee, according to reports.

Caldwel lallegedly made a break for the door, pushing it open sharply. The deputy grabbed her by the wrist again, attempting to stop her. They started struggling, with reports stating Caldwell grabbed the deputy by the shirt.

They ended up on the bed in the room, where she was told she was under arrest, according to the report. The woman was digging her nails into the deputy's thigh, near his groin. The deputy trainee stepped in to help, assisting with handcuffing the woman. The two managed to restrain the woman and they escorted the woman to a patrol car. While they were walking her, the report says she was "begging" to be pushed to the ground so she could sue the Sheriff's Office.

Caldwellkicked the deputies as they placed her in the patrol car, according to the report. Deputies report she was removed from the car, after kicking the windows. She was placed in a hobble, a restraining device that binds the feet together and the wrists to the feet. She was put back in the car on her stomach.


The woman allegedly slipped out of her handcuffs and had to be restrained again after beating on the windows, the report says. While the deputies were discussing the situation, Caldwell slipped out of the handcuffs again. A deputy climbed into the back of the vehicle and put her back into a hobble, with the feet and wrists bound.

Caldwellwas arrested and transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail. She was charged with disorderly intoxication, resisting an officer without violence, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and escape. She remains in jail with an $11,000 bond.