A Florida Department of Corrections Correctional Officer was arrested, charged with battery domestic violence this week after an argument with his girlfriend became physical, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

The victim called authorities concerning a dispute that allegedly happened in an apartment the two shared in the morning, Sept. 8.

Correctional Officer Joseph Riggins, 23, was not at the apartment when deputies arrived. The victim said the two had been arguing and Riggins pushed the girl away from the front door of the apartment, which caused her to fall into the doorknob of a nearby closet. She then told authorities that she pushed Riggins back, seeking refuge in a bedroom.

Riggins allegedly followed her into the bedroom, pushing her to the floor. Reports indicate that he climbed on top of the girl and attempted to grab a cell phone the victim had, scratching her arms and neck in the process. The victim told authorities she pushed at Riggins' head in order to get him off of her. She told the deputy that Riggins would have a scratch above the eye.

After the first incident, there was a lull where the two spoke with friends and family, according to the report. When Riggins and the victim began to speak again, another argument started. Riggins left the apartment, going to a known person's house, according to the report.

Deputies called Riggins, and he returned to the apartment to provide his side of the story. He told deputies that he pushed the victim out of the way so he could leave the apartment. He then stated to authorities that the victim was hitting him in the back. When asked how the victim received injuries, he replied, "I don't know."

Riggins was arrested and charged with battery---domestic violence and booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail. He was held in jail until his first appearance in court Sept. 9. He has been released, awaiting an arraignment Sept. 24.