Four people ended up in jail last week after helping to hide a man described as “violent and dangerous” from law enforcement.

Timothy Jordan, 41, was wanted by the Escambia Sheriff’s Office for violation of probation on a 1989 murder attempt, according to sheriff’s reports. The original charges included kidnapping and rape. Deputies also held three warrants from Santa Rosa County for violation of Florida sex offender registration laws.

Jordan, his brother Steven Jordan, 34; his fiancé Samantha Sneed, 23; and Donna Miller, 35, Navarre were arrested on Thursday, the 5th of September by Santa Rosa deputies.

Reports say sheriff’s officials received an anonymous tip saying Jordan was staying with his brother and believed to be riding around Navarre on a blue bicycle. Reports say deputies began surveillance around the home of Steven Jordan and spotted a blue bicycle at the property.

Reports say the informant told deputies there were crawl spaces and false walls in the residence where Timothy hides from law enforcement. According to the report, Heather Miller was at the house with her husband Jeremy Miller, who had warrants for his arrest.

Deputies were told everyone in the residence was involved in hiding Timothy from capture, according to the report, saying the fugitive advised his cohorts he is on the run and in trouble.

On Sept. 5, a United States Marshals Fugitive Task Force approached the residence on the 8100 block of Molina Street in Navarre where Steven Jordan resides. The windows were open and the authorities say they could hear movement inside, according to the report.

Officers knocked on the door, and saw someone look out through the window. After a while, the fugitive's brother answered the door, but refused to exit the residence. Reports indicate he lay down in the doorway and became combative with authorities who handcuffed him. Heather Miller was in the residence as well and she was detained.

The two stated they did not know where Timothy was, reports say.

Authorities took Heather Miller aside, advised her of the situation, informing her that Timothy was an absconded sexual offender who had open felony warrants for his arrest. She was reminded of the Florida statue for harboring a sexual offender and was told she was a suspect in the investigation, according to the report. Miller told authorities she didn't like Jordan’s fiancé, Sneed, at all and did not associate with her.

The Task Force sent a team to Sneed’s residence, which was nearby, according to the report. As they approached, authorities saw people looking out the window at them. Sneed answered the door and said Timothy was in a bedroom in the back of the house.

Sneed entered the bedroom, and someone inside the room barricaded the bedroom door, refusing to open it, according to the report. Deputies stormed the room, finding Timothy hiding underneath the bed. He was taken into custody.

Steven Jordan, Miller and Sneed were arrested and charged for harboring a sex offender. The Jordan brothers and Sneed were charged with obstruction of justice for resisting without violence.

The four were transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail. Santa Rosa jail records say Timothy incarcerated on a $31,000 bond. His brother, Steven, has a $17,000 bond. Miller has a $5,000 bond and Sneed’s bond is $6,500.