The Open Rose Florist is giving away 6,000 roses this year and invites you to help spread neighborly cheer on Good Neighbor Day. Join The Open Rose Florist today, starting at 8 a.m. to pick up your free dozen roses. 
  So what’s the catch? Nothing is ever really free these days. There is only one thing that flower shop requests! You must promise to keep one rose for yourself, and spread the other eleven roses throughout the community to unsuspecting friends, family members, or even strangers. The challenge is to meet someone new and show that you care. 
  The community has supported the florist for the over 30 years it has been in business and Good Neighbor Day is their unique way of giving back. “In the days following Good Neighbor Day, we hear how one rose made its way to a neighbor, nursing home resident or hospice patient. We love to hear how the roses brightened each person’s day. This is why we do it.” says Denise McDonald, owner of The Open Rose Florist. There are countless other stories out there, as the florist has celebrated the community through this event over the past 14 years and given out more than 83,000 roses. 
  As word has gotten out each year, the roses tend to fly out the door early. In 2011 the Open Rose gave away all their roses in less than 25 minutes. The Open Rose doubled the amount to 3,000 roses last year and they were gone before lunch. As the community has rallied behind this movement, this year the florist is doubling the roses again and giving out 6,000.
  The Open Rose Florist is proud to participate in the celebration of its good neighbors on this special day. On Wednesday, September 11th, The Open Rose located at 6434 Open Rose Drive in Milton, will open at 8am for Good Neighbor Day. The free roses will go fast. So come early to make sure you do your part in spreading neighborly cheer!