Thursday --- 1:08 p.m.

I see you've started printing the pictures of those individuals in the arrest report. I think this is very wrong. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If they are innocent, now you plastered their picture up for everyone to see, and they have to live wondering who saw my picture and believes I did something I didn't do.

By the way, when you printed them the first time, you also had on the front page, the deputy that shot at his neighbors and was arrested. Where was his picture, or are certain arrestees immune? Shame on you, this was a very bad idea. Now, I see one of those that may look like one of those in the picture that was arrested.

Is that the one that did whatever? Do you see what I mean? Shame, shame. Anyway, most of us don't care about the report anyway. Thank you.


Thursday --- 5:26 p.m.

Yes, this is Raymond. And I'd like to say there's a stupidity in the country. It's called hate and homosexuality. Prejudice, ruling hate, homosexuality is invading the country. We've got a guy who's up for treason getting 35 years in prison wanting the country who he betrayed to pay for his hormonal treatment for homosexuality and we've got a lawyer that says he's going to force the issue. Something is weird in this county and it's called demonic activity.


Thursday --- 8:28 p.m.

Hey, this is Dennis. Our country and the world have so many problems, I don't know where to start. Our country has been at war since 1990 with the first gulf war. We are still in Afghanistan.

Now, some people are rattling their sabers to get us into the Syrian conflict. Who appointed us the world's police force? I believe that some of our politicians are in bed with companies that weapons of war and the American people pick up the tab with their tax dollars. Enough already. How about a little peace? 24 years of war, and some of our politicians want us to get into another conflict.

I say let the nuts fight it all out, and when it's all over, we can go in help them rebuild and supply them with some psychological counsel. I'm tired of seeing our children come home dead, or with no legs or arms. Thank you.


Friday --- 8:15 a.m.

Got Boost? People with cell phones get mad. But get mad at the right person. It is not the people we pay our cell bills to fault. Don't blame mother nature on them.

My second complaint to Boost is this. I am disabled. For four years, I have asked Boost, please make my bill due on the third, not the first. Four years, and they won't budge an inch. I don't even ask for the bonus points they offer.

Come on folks.


Saturday --- 7:06 a.m.

Good morning, this is Billy in Blackwater. I see the deer running foxhunters are trying to improve their image by picking up a few pounds of trash. Just you being here isn't going to make them as perfect as they want to appear.

Don't forget the FWC commission meeting Sept. 6 over at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near the Civic Center in Pensacola. Express your displeasure that representative Doug Broxson is supporting a few dog hunter's privileges over private property owner's rights.

Don't let the sham fool you---be there or forever hold your peace. Thank you, Billy Rogers.

It is imperative that you use the phrase deer-running foxdogs. Because FWC sanctions and permits these fox trials and 90 percent of them are running small deer, spotted deer and pregnant deer, particularly at the end of July field trial.

They deliberately judging these little foxdogs while they're running deer.

And they've been caught at it several times, but the FWC seems to keep on sanctioning this illegal event. We call them deer-running foxdogs. Because they are foxhunters under the pretense of running deer. Thank you very much.


Saturday --- 10:59 a.m.

Hi there, I think talking about this Santa Rosa County Courthouse. I  think it should be built in East Milton by the jail. That'd be a better place for the prisoners to be transferred from the jail to the courthouse. Without all that traffic, also without raising the sales tax. Thank you.


Monday --- 6:46 a.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. Just a couple of observations. Where they redid the old brick road along Highway 90, east of Milton. It looks real nice, but there's no place to park to get off and ride your bicycle.

They should have put a little parking lot about every two miles, so people can park and ride their bicycle. You either got to pull off the side of the highway in the ditch, or you've got to ride it for about 10 miles or so---cause you've got to go there and back.

It's the same way with canoeing. This is the canoe capital of Florida and there's hardly anywhere you can launch your own canoe or tubes to float down Coldwater or any of these creeks and rivers.

If you want to go rent a canoe, then, people will take you up there and launch you and pick you up somewhere. It should a little more user friendly. They could just make a few little spots to launch and recover your canoes and it'd really be nice.