Today is not a trivial day.

I am finding it difficult to write a funny little column about kids and work and the world in general today.

Some days are just different.

There are moments in life that freeze in time and become part of us. We will always remember them: how we felt, the causes and affects, what others said, who cried.

Wednesday was one of those days for me. I am not the same person I was on Monday.

I didn't expect any big revelations this week.

But I was given one.

I learned our perception might very easily become our reality.

We perceive ourselves to be a certain way, and once we accept that is who we are, we live it. Take kindness, for example. Perceive yourself as a kind person and you will act on that perception. You will be kind. You can be other things too. But you will be kind.

Perceive yourself to be fair and compassionate - you will live it. But to what level? I have been challenged this week to review my perceptions of myself. Am I being all I can be?

As a mother?

As an editor?

As a friend?

I am surprised to admit I fall short in every category.

I don't expect perfection in myself.

But I do expect to be the best I can be.

Every day, life tosses challenges at us. It is not fun. When we are in the middle of it, we might feel angry, confused, hurt...but on the other side of these emotions, there are answers.

Today I am hearing answers.

One of my philosophies in life is that one person can make a huge difference. It is tried and true, a proven fact as far as I am concerned. I try to live it.

One person can also destroy another. Also proven.

Inside each of us are both paths, choices.

My reality for today, simple as it may sound, is be aware. Be self-aware. Who are you? How do you define yourself? Who are you helping? Who are you hurting?

Years ago, I was on the receiving end of a very angry person. It was terrifying. But it made me stronger. Years ago, I was on the receiving end of a tough existence with little resources. It was a scary place to be, but it made me more compassionate for those who do without - and determined to never go there again.

Pick a challenge you've experienced and find the opposite positive. Then act on it.

Be careful of the words you choose and the target at which they are aimed.

Wednesday was a tough day.

But thanks to one person, today is much better.