It finally happened! My daughter is not afraid of the BOOM from the fireworks.

I love that feeling in my chest...I remember the first time I felt it, I was about 12, we were right under the fireworks. It was amazing.

But every since my 10-year-old daughter was born, she's been afraid of the BOOM. Two years ago, we watched the fireworks from in front of Region's Bank on Hwy. 90 in a vehicle with the windows rolled up (that would have been a good idea this year with the rain). If she could hear the BOOM at all, she freaked out and cried. It was really frustrating. I turned the radio on so she would not hear the BOOM. I loved the sound. Couldn't wait to hear it, feel it. So basically, for 10 years, I have not been able to enjoy the fireworks like I did as a child.

But this year...this year, she did it. We were right there on the Riverwalk near the Hwy. 90 bridge when the explosions began.

Thinking back to that night, though, I realize the rain began when the fireworks began and maybe she was distracted. We tried to take cover, but after a minute or two, we were soaked. I looked over at her after the first couple BOOMS. Her tiger-painted face was running down her neck. She looked so cute, all streaked with orange and black, soaking hair, wet clothes.

It is normal to complain about the rain when it "ruins" something like fireworks, but the truth is, we had a blast. I was disappointed I couldn't take the camera out to shoot...but stopped. Suddenly. I began shooting photos and got some really weird anomalies. I think a drop or two of water got on the lens. The effect was really cool. Go to our website: and look for the firework gallery. I'll post them there.

So all-in-all, it was a fun Saturday. We visited with the Duck Lady who was there to promote the Blackwater Pyrate's duck race. We didn't win, but there's always next time. Our duck just needs to train a bit for next year.