Parental warning: This story contains details of an alleged sexual crime and may not be suitable for young readers.

An 18-year-old woman was arrested on charges of sexual assault and felony battery, after a night of partying and drug use led to the sexual assault and disfigurement of a Navarre woman, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's report.

Whitney Daughhetee, was picked up in Georgia after leaving Florida the day after the reported crime. Sheriff's reports say she cooperated with Georgia authorities and gave a statement regarding the incident.

Investigators looked into a complaint made by the victim, who woke up to discover her body covered in bruises and teeth marks with blood on the bottom front of her shirt. Upon seeking medical treatment at an area hospital, a rape kit was performed and what is described as "a permanent disfigurement that will require reconstructive surgery" was discovered, according to the Santa Rosa Sheriff's report.

The victim told deputies she had no recollection of how it happened. She woke up in different clothing, saying it felt like someone had dressed her because she would not sleep in the type of clothing she was wearing. In the days to follow, reports say the victim found the shirt the suspect was wearing the night of the assault, bloodied and tossed in the victim's closet.

In a statement made to deputies, Daughhetee said she was drinking vodka and smoking marijuana with the female victim on July 5. The report says they were driving around and visiting friends. One friend they visited later told deputies they had never seen the victim that drunk before; noting the victim did not appear injured when she and Daughhetee left.

The report goes on to say Daughhetee told deputies she and the victim had been friends for about three to six months. The victim told authorities she would never consent to having sexual relations with Daughhetee, who the victim told deputies is a lesbian.

Daughhetee told authorities that she was too drunk to remember exactly what happened or where they went, but said she thought the sex was consensual---telling authorities she felt like the relationship was heading in "that direction." Regarding the injuries to the victim, she said she believed she might have scratched the victim with a fingernail, causing damage.

Reports say the injuries to the victim included several bruises and marks on her chest and neck; bite marks, and hickeys. A large bruise on her inner thigh was reported; and deputies report based on the location of the more serious injury, the victim assumed she had been sexually assaulted and sought help.

The same day the rape kit was completed on the victim, Daughhetee moved out- of-state to Warner Robins, Georgia. The victim said in the report she knew Daughhetee was moving, but did not know exactly when she had planned to go.

Santa Rosa County Deputies worked with the Houston County Sheriff's Office in Ga. to arrange a phone interview with the 18-year-old suspect, who admitted having sexual contact with the victim, but maintained she could not remember exactly what happened.

Following the interview, a Santa Rosa County judge issued a warrant for her arrest in July. Daughhetee was arrested in Georgia Aug. 22.  She was extradited to the Santa Rosa County jail and booked into jail Aug. 25 on a $105,000 bond. She was charged with battery and sexual assault.