Thursday --- 11:45 a.m.

Yes, I sent a copy of that letter about the animal control place, aka. kill center here in Milton to the mayor. And I have not heard one word. I asked him to investigate. It's been two weeks and he hasn't called or anything like that. I guess the biggest ring of guilt is his remaining silent and hope it goes away.

I hope other people will call in with what they know about that place or have heard or have seen to help this investigation. I've also written to the PETA organization of America to investigate. I've been supporting them for 27 years and I think they owe me something after all this time.


Thursday --- 2:13 p.m.

Yes. I'd like to see Marco Rubio if he's going to run for president. And we don't know who's going to be next to him. Probably somebody else that knock the president down too. I just want to ask face to face, what he do for the middle east.

I don't understand why---his parents come from Cuba, they were lucky to live in a free country and flee the crazy people in Cuba like the Castro brother and whatever. To decide our president so much.

I just want to see him face to face to see what he can do for the middle east, and America don't have to give a lot of money to other country. We need it over here. Yes. Thank you.


Thursday --- 7:28 p.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. I was reading in the paper today some more about the guy that the police shot when he was digging in his car in Pensacola in the middle of the night. All these cases seem to have one theme---it's that they don't obey the police.

They didn't shoot him because he was black. They shot him because he wouldn't obey that they told him to get out of the car, which was strange because he was out there in the middle of the night.

He didn't get out of the car, and then he probably got mad and turned around real fast. They don't know what he's got in his hand. Every one of these cases, instead of the black leaders blaming it all on the police, they need to explain to people how to act when the police stop you.

All you got to do, is raise your hands, turn around slow and answer their questions. It's simple, but they never do it. They teach them that the police is against you, all white people are against you and you've got the right to do what you want to do. Thank you.


Friday---10:35 a.m.

Yeah, ,this is Bobby. I just saw on the news where they had a bad wreck up on Stewart Street. I guess the mayor want to outlaw 18-wheelers and school buses, now. Keep them out of the city, seeing as they were involved in that wreck.


Saturday --- 1:46 p.m.

Yes, this is Barbara I hate to say this, but some people are really, really stupid. All this yelling and hollering about the log trucks, that's people just trying to make a living. The wrecks that they've had has nothing to compare with the wrecks on our road.

What they going to do, ban all vehicles, too? Thank you.


Saturday --- 4:55 p.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. Once again, it looks like the mayor is more concerned with protecting the businesses downtown. They probably don't want any competition from food trucks. And everybody don't want a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Some people, that's what they want is a food truck.

Every city, including Pensacola, has a food trucks all over. And people would prefer to go to a food truck than have to go to a sit-down restaurant and waste time.

I think the mayor, all he's looking for is a little tourist spot in the road, instead of a city. Speaking of the mayor, I remember he wanted the special privilege for somebody to have a restaurant on the river to sell booze.

I just wonder how the Texas Roadhouse stays so busy you can't get in it. They don't sell booze on Sunday. Thank you.


Sunday --- 1:53 p.m.

I read George's comments in Saturday's paper about the declaration and the constitution. So, I decided I'd read them. Like he learned one thing, I also did. This crap over stand your ground protestors and the lying, illiterate groups that try to take our firearms is a violation of our rights.

So where are all the leaders and politicians who are supposed to know this and abide by them? All these idiots protesting should go find something else to do, like find a job. Obama violates the very meaning of our country. It's his plan and it's working. His O-bots and followers can't see this. But after all, any dumb dog can be taught to follow.


Sunday --- 5:53 p.m.

Hey, this is Grady. I agree with what Steven King said about foreigners. America, it's time to wake up. I also agree with what George said about reading the constitution. If you love America, you ought to read the constitution. It might surprise some people to know that the founders didn't believe everybody had the right to vote. That's a liberal myth. We need to get back to the original intent of the founders.