A man was caught at the scene of a burglary with his truck stuck in the mud and full of stolen property from a vacant home in Pace, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

Reports say Michael Nims had burglarized a home on Tunnel Road around 7 a.m. Tuesday when deputies caught him on the scene. His truck was stuck in a muddy patch on the property and contained two vacuum cleaners, one carpet cleaner and numerous feet of electrical wire.

Reports indicate there was a wooden box from the residence found next to Nims' truck. The lid of the box was located under the right tire of the truck in the mud.

Deputies say there were holes in the drywall near electrical outlets in the vacant home. The back door of the home was open, according to the report.

The vacuum and carpet cleaners were estimated at $100. Damages to the drywall where the wire was removed were estimated at $500.

According to the report, Nims told deputies that a friend at a party three to four months ago in Pensacola gave him permission to take the items for salvage.

The owners of the vacant home said no one had permission to be on the property. The property had been burglarized a week-and-a-half ago, according to the report. They told deputies there was more damage to the home from the incident, but they were unsure of the full extent.

Nims was arrested and charged with one count felony burglary, petit theft and criminal mischief. His bond was set at $7,000.