In regards to Sheriff Hall's requesting an increase in his budget in order to give pay raises to his deputies, I have this to say:

For the commissioners to even think of increasing the millage in property tax to accommodate, this is definitely not fair. The sheriff has asked for increases in his budget every year since he's been in office. If he's not asked and lowered his budget, I would surely like to know when.

First off the deputies take their unites home and this in itself is a pay raise compared to those who have to take their own vehicles to and from and have their gas paid for at the taxpayers' expense.  To top this off there are cruisers that go way out of county to their residence.

If the deputies feel they need to leave and go elsewhere because of pay, so be it. There are people standing in line for their positions.

Overall, let's give the Sheriff his way again, and have every property owner pay for his happiness. Meanwhile, let's have every deputy park their unit at the sheriff's office and have them use their own vehicles to and from work. This should make all of them happy.

As for the county commissioners, you need to tell the Sheriff that times are hard for everyone and that he needs to budget his budget like the rest of the people.


Gerald Granger