A minor traffic collision turned into a major ordeal, landing one man in jail after he attacked the man who rear-ended him, according to a Milton Police report.

A 1997 white GMC SUV hit the back of a silver 1997 Dodge Ram driven by 57-year-old Larry Mclean. The two vehicles were damaged slightly in the crash on Dogwood Drive and pulled off the roadway into the Margarita's parking lot.

A witness who saw the accident said he saw the 57-year-old, 240 pound man run up to the white SUV, yelling threats at the driver. As the other driver began exiting the SUV, Mclean slammed the vehicle's door, pinning the victim between the door and SUV. The witness said he then saw Mclean throw the victim to the ground. The victim showed no sign of aggression toward Mclean, according to the witness.

Reports indicate Mclean kicked the man while he was down.

As police arrived, Mclean ran to the officer, telling police he pushed the other driver down and kicked him because he didn't want to be hit himself. Mclean said the other man had his fists "balled up."

The victim told police that he rear-ended the silver Dodge driven by Mclean. He suffered minor scrapes to his right hand and arm from being thrown to the ground, according to the report. He refused medical treatment at the scene.

Mclean was arrested for battery and transported to Santa Rosa County Jail.