After the last letter I wrote, printed on Sept. 15, I have received some shocking, but interesting information.

First, the amount I stated of $210,000 spent so far and not one brick laid on the new courthouse is wrong. I was told over a million dollars has been spent.

Second, I was told the County Commissioners salaries had been frozen over the last three years. The amount of their salaries I was not informed.

Third, I was told they are starting on that cycle again dropping the subject about the courthouse and starting all over again about the bridge over Blackwater being built south of the sewage plant connecting to Old Highway 90 etc.

In 2008, I received a flyer from the City of Milton called a straw poll with the choice of two routes for the bridge over the Blackwater River to be built. They did not list the north of the present bridge route the FDOT decided upon over 11 years ago was not on the flyer.

My question is how much more money is going to be spent on so-called studies before someone orders an investigation.

I am very excited about a new idea about downtown Milton.

The fire several years ago that destroyed the buildings adjacent to the Imogene Theater. That would be an ideal location to move the Milton Drug Store and the Fisher Hamilton Hardware Store.

Whatever they are used for now, offices or etc., after they are moved. Mainly those two, unless there is room for more, the hardware store can be placed next to the Imogene and the drugstore on the corner can be used for the same purpose with parking lots across the street.

Someday when the dust settles and funds are available to build the new bridge next to the former Reggie's, should be top priority due to age then the new bridge can be built north of the present bridge connecting to Berryhill Road.

With all the existing buildings moved or town down next to the river the section north of the bridge could be used for parking, more benches, etc.

The section where the hardware store was would be an ideal location for a gazebo like the one at Carpenters Park, which has been enjoyed by so many for many years. Birthday parties, family reunions, etc., all could be held there for a small fee. It would be used for all the events, sunrise services, art festivals, Memorial Day, etc.

As a tribute, or however it would be best to describe it, the appreciation for the Veterans Memorial Plaza would be much appreciated on those occasions when it rains.

As for parking, I have been to cities, where they have the two or three deck of sections to park cars, the land south of the courthouse would be an ideal location for one of those parking buildings.

Marion Cumbie
Milton, Fla.