Most of the time, as we look at today’s children and their conduct, we seldom tip our hats to their good deeds.

Last week, three students at Pace High School … Austin Hardcastle, Jayson Carter, and Tyler Brabham … did more good than many can imagine.

They, with the help of some groups and sponsors, organized a 5K “Run for Water.”

What made this even more special was the tact that they weren’t doing it for a club or organization. They did this for a group of people they probably will never meet.

Hardcastle and his father, Rick, traveled to Haiti to help people following an earthquake in 2010.

Austin Hardcastle was 14 at the time and says he left Haiti with a yearning to do more.

He saw the problems people suffered without clean drinking water. That’s something most Americans take for granted as they turn the knob on a faucet.

Officials had said wells could be dug for $5,000, but Hardcastle wasn’t sure where to find such money.

Car washes, bake sales, and other traditional fundraisers didn’t seem capable of raising the type of money he wanted to raise. It might take several years to reach his goal.

The youth frequently ran with his family and friends and that, Austin says, is where he developed the idea of a 5K.

This is what gave life to the “Run for Water.”

In just three weeks Austin and his friends had convinced 180 runners to participate. The event was held last Saturday.

And that brings us back to our point: there ARE good youth today.

We are not talking about them getting arrested or being involved in some type of vandalism or car accident.

These young people followed through an idea to make the world a little bit better.

So often, these acts don’t get covered.

At the event, these young men quietly went about their business and made sure each runner had a great time, while helping a cause they held dear.

To say this is refreshing would be an understatement.

These young people could teach some of us a thing or two.

While we are busy arguing over petty things, they’re busy looking at how they can make an impact for the better.

They are not worried about what they don't have or can't do, but creatively find ways to make their mark.

The final numbers are not out on the event so we can’t give you a tally, and we surely can’t begin to add up all the differences these people are making in the world.

With some help from the Pea Ridge Runners Club and the Milton Rotary Club, these youngsters really did it.

Kudos to you Austin Hardcastle, Jayson Carter, and Tyler Brabham on a job well done and a reminder to us all that our future is in pretty good hands.