He's been a firefighter for thirty-one years. Now he's being recognized for his efforts.

The Florida Fire Chief’s Association for 2013 named Skyline Fire Chief Tim Diamond Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year. He's been with the Skyline Fire Department since 1984, serving as Chief of the district since 1988.

The FFCA is an organization that sets policies and procedures for fire departments across the state. The organization sets regulations and dictates training services as well.

"I love the recognition for a whole lot of years of hard work and training," Diamond said. "I've been recognized by my peers for the work that I've done. Makes you feel good."

The Chief says he contributes the success to a strong dedication as well as working with the greatest people on the planet. He said a fire chief can't do a great job without a great crew with him.

"Being a volunteer firefighter is not easy," Diamond said. "Being a chief of a volunteer fire department is not easy, either."

It may not be easy, but the Chief recommends that anyone interested in becoming a firefighter give it an honest try. There's always a need for volunteer firefighters, he said. It takes a large commitment, but he says you gain an additional family and the greatest opportunity to help others.

The Skyline Fire District serves around 16,000 citizens, just north of the city of Milton. It covers an area of 54 square miles and is served by three operating stations spread across the district.

There's a strong emphasis and dedication toward training. The department works to continually train throughout the year, meeting requirements and keeping their skills sharp.

"We required a lot of training," Diamond said. "It takes a huge commitment to put in for training. There's over 200 hours each year in continued training."

The Skyline Chief offers his help to other districts when it comes to training, saying he'll go anywhere he's needed. All the training and hard work pays off in the end, when it comes to the best part of the job---helping people in their time of need.