Traffic in Pace will soon see relief, after the Board of County Commissioners revealed plans to reconfigure the intersection of Highway 90 and Woodbine to improve traffic flow.

County Engineer Roger Blaylock said the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic conducted an analysis of the intersection, tracking usage patterns of the highway. The study found that during the peak time of use in the morning, traffic is backed up for more than one-and-a-half miles.

Around 800 cars turn right, heading westbound on Highway 90, at the intersection during the peak usage time in the morning.

"You're only allowing one stream of cars," Blaylock said. "We will continue to seek an additional right turn lane."

In the meantime, Blaylock said the county is considering re-striping the road, which would allow two lanes of traffic to turn right at the light. The dedicated left-turn lane would be changed to a shared lane, where vehicles could turn both ways.

Costs are expected to be between $5,000 and $7,000 for the project. Blaylock said they are working to secure funding for the project through FDOT off-system safety funds.

Two traffic signs would be mounted, explaining the new pattern for drivers. Vehicles would be allowed to turn right on red from the right lane. Traffic in the shared right and left turning lane would not be allowed to turn right on red.

County Commissioner Jim Williamson showed his support for the idea during the meeting.

"I agree with engineering," Williamson said. " What we should do is put the sign and have both lanes turning right until we get the money. I think this would be a quick fix."